Hi All!  About …. what?  Let’s focus on what I want to do with this blog – its is a medley of sorts, but with a purpose.  Specifically to help Mom’s with their travels in Costa Rica, whether as tourists or as residents,  with Kids.  A lot of my posts will be on places we stayed and liked at different tourist destinations, some will be rants and raves about schools here (we have 3 kids age 4,6 and 11), some will be simply little sales at local stores in San Ramon for stuff I like!  Or cheap Cheerios on sale at Molinas! If you’re a mom and you live here, you know that cheap Cheerios on sale is pure gold.  Anyhow… occasionally I go off on a topic like how to rent a car here, or whatever I feel like that day, shoot – its a blog, right?!  And in case you were wondering, I tend NOT to be politically correct, but I am always RighT!  Haha, says the mom of 3.  But seriously, I am fromm NYC and one thing you may know about us NYers is we tell it like it is.  But on the serious side of things, I am also a business woman.  We own and run a beautiful B&B here in the mountains of San Ramon de Alajuela – Vista Valverde Pacific View B&B.  And since I have a lost of background in Real Estate, and my tico husband (ya baby, younger latin lover! hehe) was in construction (and quite frankly, I think he could do anything he put his mind too, he’s really smart!) – we decided to share a little bit of paradise with whomever decides to take the jump and move down with us!  SO here comes Costa Rica’s Paradise Management Realty based in San Ramon – run by yours’ trulies!  Me y David!  That’s what this is about.  Information, fun tips, travels, living, moving – stay tuned!!!!  i will probably have a portfolio of beautiful photos, homes, sunsets…. all on here before long too.  LOOOVE my new camera that I got for Christmas!  Thanks Amazon! (they deliver here too!  and pottery barn….)

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