Hi All!  About …. what?  Let’s focus on what I want to do with this blog – its is a medley of sorts, but with a purpose.  Specifically to help Mom’s with their travels in Costa Rica, whether as tourists or as residents,  with Kids.  A lot of my posts will be on places we stayed and liked at different tourist destinations, some will be rants and raves about schools here (we have 3 kids age 4,6 and 11), some will be simply little sales at local stores in San Ramon for stuff I like!  Or cheap Cheerios on sale at Molinas! If you’re a mom and you live here, you know that cheap Cheerios on sale is pure gold.  Anyhow… occasionally I go off on a topic like how to rent a car here, or whatever I feel like that day, shoot – its a blog, right?!  And in case you were wondering, I tend NOT to be politically correct, but I am always RighT!  Haha, says the mom of 3.  But seriously, I am fromm NYC and one thing you may know about us NYers is we tell it like it is.  But on the serious side of things, I am also a business woman.  We own and run a beautiful B&B here in the mountains of San Ramon de Alajuela – Vista Valverde Pacific View B&B.  And since I have a background in Real Estate, and my tico husband (ya baby, younger latin lover! hehe) was in construction (and quite frankly, I think he could do anything he put his mind too, he’s really smart!) – we decided to share a little bit of paradise with whomever decides to take the jump and move down with us!  So here comes Costa Rica’s Paradise Management Realty based in San Ramon – run by yours’ trulies!  Me y David!  That’s what this is about.  Information, fun tips, travels, living, moving – stay tuned!!!!  i will probably have a portfolio of beautiful photos, homes, sunsets…. all on here before long too.  LOOOVE my new camera that I got for Christmas!  Thanks Amazon! (they deliver here too!  and pottery barn….)


update 4/2020

Hi all. So we are still making it work in Costa Rica! But divided between NYC and CR. After trying on a few RE partners for size in Costa Rica, and realizing they just did not fit our views and ethics, our real estate company has moved through the morphs and transformations into a new phase with a new face – we are happy be ONLY family owned and run once again- Welcome Blue Tierra Paradise Management Realty (working on the name, suggestions welcome!!!). And in a twist, or upgrade if you will, I have decided to come back to the USA to apply for my licensing as a Financial Advisor. I REALLY want to help folks move to Costa Rica and the more I focused on the homes and lifestyles people want to live there, the more I realized just how much different the path is for a family as opposed to a retiree. Families need income flow, jobs, college tuitions, uniforms for kids, presents and trampolines. Retirees usually have a pension, social security, life insurance dividends… or they have paid off their home and now have cash from them. So for us non-retirees- HOW do you take care of your family in Costa Rica? Now I will have more information at my fingertips to help you with the answers to that question. Its not just a house, and a new country and a new way of life. It is good habits, good planning and preparing for a future for your children and for you.

So wish me luck on my exams (once the prctor centers re-open – we are in the middle of Covid 19 in NYC right now), and I look forward to working with you all again soon! Real estate, wellness B&B and financial planning with a view – welcome to the NEW Vista Valdverde in San Ramon Costa Rica!!!


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