Its been a long time…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Closer than you think in Costa Rica’s Central Highlands.

BEFORE San Ramon

Its funny, when I was looking for info on San Ramon and schools before moving here, I saw what looked like a few great Blogs, started reading them, and then they puttered out.  Why were these moms not helping me any more?!?!?!  Where did they go?!

In San Ramon

Then I did the same thing!  I posted a few times, came up with a list of ideas of things I wanted to write about, thought up great blog articles in my head and then blah – no time!  I think as a mom, its hard to work and take care of the kids and take time for yourself.  And living in Costa Rica! and then there is the BLOG!  It becomes more like the BLOB at times!  Anyhow – I am still here, and even though this post will be brief, I wanted to let all the future expat moms of San Ramon, and the traveling moms of Costa Rica know that I am still here!  If you have questions – ask!!!

What’s NEW? Sunlight closed and Blue Tierra opened…

So what’s new?  Well, Sunlight school closed – I am SOOOOO bummed!  Loved Sunlight.  Anyhow, we had to switch schools the first day, and the only place that had room for both boys was Colegio Bilingue of San Ramon.  So we are back there.  Seems to be working out OK.  Its hard to follow all the new ways of doing things, AND I am creating a whole new start up Real Estate business (Blue Tierra Realty Group) with a construction company (Eco Diseños) and a relocation tour company through our B&B (Vista Valverde), the works.  So sometimes the kids school stuff falls through the cracks.  Man, its annoying how much stuff there is to follow – internet things on Edmodo, then each class has a chat on Whatsapp, then they send emails, AND they have an Agenda they send home each day with more notes.  I swear my kids need their own secretaries for this school! lol.  Not my style, but I am glad they are learning a little bit more of classroom English – almost all their subjects are in English.  I hope they are learning the Spanish too, though I am not sure.  I’ll throw an update on the school year after we get through the next rounds of tests.

So I will try and keep up a little more on the personal blog and places we like (and don’t!)  So check back for more this month!!!

Mountain VIews in Costa Rica

Ocean behind the clouds!


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